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Highlights from the 2024 MAPS Conference

Acceleration Point at the MAPS 2024 Conference

Every year, the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) brings together leaders across pharma and biotech in the largest global gathering of medical affairs professionals each year. This year’s conference focused on several important themes Medical Affairs teams are focused on, including communicating the impact of their team, why strategy matters when it comes to finding a reliable insights partner and the influx of Generative AI in Medical Affairs. We delve into key highlights from this year’s conference.  

The Importance of Communicating the Impact of Medical Affairs 

We heard directly from Medical Affairs leaders at this year’s conference that communicating the value of their Medical Affairs team across the organization is a significant challenge. In a workshop with Renu Juneja, Head of Clinical Operations & Program Management at Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine and Joseph Cha, Director of Global Medical Excellence at Abbvie, Acceleration Point’s VP of Medical Excellence, Linda Traylor, shared how Medical Affairs can share their impact story with quantifiable results. 

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Attendees of the workshop came away with an understanding of how to tell a story that relates to their organization’s medical plan and how quantifying key measures helps illuminate a team’s efforts with the broader organization. Book a one-on-one session with Linda to learn how to apply the impact model discussed during the workshop to your team and organization.  

Why Strategy Matters for Insights Partnership 

There is a host of technology that can help capture and analyze insights, but not all platforms should be treated equally. As our team spoke to Medical Affairs leaders at our booth in Puerto Rico, we consistently heard that many companies exhibiting at this year’s conference may have innovative technology, but that does not ensure alignment with the goals and challenges pharma and biotech are facing. 

With the Kwello platform, users have access to technology that aligns with their mission combined with a unique approach and world-class service. Our Accelerated Insights approach focuses on strategic insight gathering and analysis to enhance patient care and organizational success. This approach paired with collaborative partnership with our team brings an informed point of view focused on creating actionable steps and quantifiable outcomes.  

Generative AI Advances 

Artificial intelligence has catapulted into the forefront of discussion over the past year across many different industries and functions. Medical Affairs is no different.  At Kwello, we launched ElsieAI, a Medical Affairs Insights Assistant, our latest solution specifically designed to extract valuable insights from complex insight data enabling Medical Affairs teams to make informed decisions while saving time and energy.  

ElsieAI is trained to navigate the intricacies of scientific information coming from teams’ insight data, providing actionable steps backed by citations. ElsieAI enables Kwello users to engage in chat-like conversations with their insight data and empowers them to uncover key trends through dynamic prompts.   

Need Insights Help?  

Learn more about Kwello by visiting our website and connect with our team to discover how we can help revolutionize your insights process.