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Our friendly team of experts strives to accelerate the impact of your team's Healthcare Professional Contracting process. We optimize the experience from contract requests to compliance auditing through consistent, visible, and dedicated process management.

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60% of HCP
contracting completed within 5 days


5-Star customer satisfaction ratings


100% audit
compliance ratings

We work with our global client's existing systems and processes

while continuously seeking to improve opportunities.

  • Global Business Rationale Forms

  • Budget Validation

  • GDRP Compliance

  • HCP FMV Tiering

  • HCP Debarment Checks

  • Contract Draft Documentation

  • HCP Communication Coordination

  • Full Contract Execution

  • Proof of HCP Attendance

  • Work Product Summary

  • HCP Payment

  • Expense Reimbursement

  • Transparency Reporting

  • Document Retention

  • Compliance Audits

  • Smartsheet


  • Coupa Software (eBuy, P2P)

  • Naya (EMEA, LATAM, JPAC)

  • Adobe Sign and DocuSign®

  • ARAVO, Shift, eContract, and ConTrack



Acceleration Point is headquartered in  Roanoke, Virginia. We are a leading provider of consulting, strategy, and professional services in medical affairs operations.

With team members across the United States, we have partnered globally with leading medical affairs teams to dramatically improve the overall effectiveness of their medical operations.

We help medical affairs leaders generate insights, engage KOLs, and ensure effective operational processes. We partner with our clients to ensure that you have the right approach, process, technology, and support to achieve their medical strategy and drive the value of medical affairs.


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